vo - Reverend Jayzus 

gt - Piton Surgery 

dr - Melissa Rable 

ba - The Captain Dan

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サイコパスpiton surgeryを中心とし、その世界のリーダーとされるReverend Jeyzus.
なんでも皮を剥いでしまう漁師のThe Kaptain.
娼婦のmelissa rableと、個性的な設定のメンバーが独特の世界を創るステージも圧巻。

デジタルリリースのみでの活動であったが、去年のblood stockフェス出演をかけた


January 2132 
In the morning… 
Ingenious inventor, guitar player and full-fletched psychopath PITON SURGERY manages to get the möbiutic steam drive to work on the old band bus. At the order of his master and fanatic religious leader REVEREND JEYZUS, a cogan rail gun is mounted on the roof. PITON SURGERY grabs his fusion-driven, trash-built guitar and gets behind the wheel.  
Smashing through the gates of Outpost 132 they set out to teach humans and mutants of the post-happy-years You-kay about their salvation; the omnipotent, all seeing bringer of the riddle of METAL, the only God worth your prostration – YGODEH. 
After picking up THE KAPTAIN (an old fisherman from What-We-Used-To-Call-Wales, who can skin anything with a knife and who never runs out of chew) they give him a bass and immediately add him to their mission. 
For entertainment purposes mainly they also pick up a discharged, bionic, low-end prostitute MELISSA RABLE which, when recharged, shows great mastery in keeping steady rhythms. They give her a pair of drumsticks and throw her in the back. 
With REVEREND JEYZUS at the helm your soul will bend and your head nod to the sound of YGODEH's synthetic wasteland metal. You will understand that the only hope for You-kay lies in the salvation of the God who gave us METAL… 
For Thee we burn our fuel!