The Bleeding

Jamie "Germ" Stungo - Vocals
Tasos - Guitar
Sean Richardson - Bass
James Loh - Drums

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UK death thrashers The Bleeding are back with their latest vicious onslaught!

In a world of hyper narcissism and apathetic delusion, half measures are no longer sufficient.

Enter Rites Of Absolution; a 21st century horror story touching every splintered nerve ending and a hideous blood drenched vision of humanity’s imminent demise.

Recorded and mixed at MTR Studios in their native London, the follow up to the band’s debut, Death Eternal, would then be mastered by the legendary Ade Emsley, famed for his work with Iron Maiden and Phil Campbell to name a couple.

The Bleeding take influence from the death and thrash greats… Slayer, Morbid Angel, Pestilence, Coroner, Asphyx… and with a fresh and exciting vigour, pay homage to those greats and at the same time emblazon their own stamp on a timeless genre

イギリス、ロンドンのデスメタルバンド ’the bleeding'.

ロンドンを拠点に数々の大物バンドのサポートを行い、2016年に2枚目である、rites of absolutionを発売。





※cosmic frequency recordsでは、彼らのCD、グッズをアジア向けに限定発売中です。

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