playing music is team work.

playing music is always talked about musicians. but without teamwork, can't make good music. so this time wed like to introduce our good friend who's a guitar builder/repairman Akihiro Koyama. (right on the pic)

his first craft with our artist was Takuya Yada's cosmic guitar.

he knows what takuya want, not recorded by this guitar yet. but you will be able to hear amazing original tone on his new album (around end of the year or early next year).

he fixes all instrument problem of our artist. we just can't ask random repairman as one small part of instrumental could change a sound completely. we are really pleased to have him.

he's still young and works for ESP company at the moment. like us, he has a huge dream. whatever he does, wherever he works. we really hope his success. this is def a friendship than business partner. thats good that we always challenge something new. otherwise nothing new will be made... you can hear but music is to feel in your body. musicians play music. but without a good craftsman. no original and new. so wed like to introduce him this time.