Fantazia is the never-ending story, as it's just begun, of Romania's youngest live rock act, founded in Arad in 2014. Having as credo "No one is too young to rock", they started their rock band as a quartet while pre-teen.
Current line up feature Arthur Horeanu - on vocals and keyboards, Andrei Jipa on guitars, Robert Urban - bass, and Eric Ștesco on drums.
Fantazia played tens of gigs in their home town and in the country, after being broadcast on NextStar, a nationally (Romanian) televised talent show, and won lots of awards at children band contests.

Nevertheless, they consider the most important the Metalhead Award for Best Romanian Metal Video 2016 for their first ever video - "Labirint”, featuring the Brazilian keyboard player Marcos Medina (Navighator / Lethal Accords)

Fantazia competed in Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) Romania 2016 contest, in ARTmania / Sibiu and Timișoara semifinals, their performance impressed both the public and the jury, being awarded a slot in the rEvolution festival held in Timișoara, Romania, in the summer of 2017.

The band is currently working on polishing their original compositions, in their fresh alternative melodic metal style, preparing the release of their first EP.

ルーマニア放送'next star'に出演後、数々のライブ、フェスに出演。

コンテストで数々の賞を受賞し、2017年夏にはルーマニアのロックフェス'rEbolution fest'に出演。


dream theater. kamelotのようなメタルから、オルタナ、ロックまでの演奏の幅を持ち、今後の活動に目が離せないバンドである。​

vocals/keys   - Arthur Horeanu

guitars      - Andrei Jipa

bass           - Robert Urban

drums       - Eric Ștesco

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