September 9, 2017

 CDs finally here!!!!
this is all stock and we wont re-press.  pre-order now before its too late!!
and his first job is signing on photocard for web-order.
beautifuly done it!!     now we prepare for our event next sat!!


これで全ストックです。 売り切りで再プレスはいたしま...

August 12, 2017

第1回より私たちのイベントcosmic guitarに参加しているTatsuhito Uto Bandがついにフルアルバムリリース! それを記念して、cosmic guitarが半年ぶりに帰ってきます!!
今回は、takuya yadaソロと新バンドcosmic earthのメンバーも参加してバンド体制での両方でサポートします。



May 25, 2017

we had a filming session for tatsuhito uto's upcoming debut album.

directed by our good partner osamu kuramochi.

He knows everything about filming. so it went so smooth and good!

 the recording is being delayed as he is still schoolboy. haha
but we finished all recordi...

April 8, 2017

just before opening day for cosmic frequency records. we had a great party with local musicians in kyoto, japan.

1st act was Adam Bretherick.
amazing singing with awesome guitar play.   he made great atmosphere for the party!


2nd act was joseph wright.
he also join...

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