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Melodic death metal band in Japan.
Formed in 2006. When the guitarist Takuya Yada moved to London in 2008 and met the former singer Andre S Cura.

They started writing own songs and played in London with former bassist Daniel King and a drummer Trevor George.
Before Takuya had to go back to japan. they decided to make an 1st full album which was released in 2013.

In 2016. Takuya went back to london and did a 4 show small UK tour.

In 2018. Andre went to Japan for a small Japan tour with current drummer Yoko.
Also recorded 2nd album and music video while he stayed.
In early 2019. Thy did crowdfunding for their 2nd album and it finished successfully.
2nd album was released in summer of 2019.
Current singer Naoki joined the band and They played with GYZE at Kyoto show.

in 2020. They will join the compilation album about Tokyo olympics called 'Stonolympic'.
and it plans to be released just before Tokyo olympics.


2008年にギタリストTakuya Yadaが渡英し、前任voのAndre S Curaと出会いロンドンでの本格的な活動が始まる。
オリジナルを作りつつ、サポートメンバーとロンドンで数々のライブを行うが、2013年にTakuyaの帰国が決まり、1st album制作を決める。
2013年にCDを発売し、2016年に3都市4公演のイギリスツアーを行う。AndreとTakuyaの再会で2nd albumの制作が決まり、2018年、Andreが来日、MV撮影、ライブ、レコーディングを行う。
2019年、クラウドファンディングにて、資金調達を成功させ、2nd album ' death of the sun'が発売された。


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Gt - Takuya Yada
Vo - Naoki Kubomi
Dr - Yoko


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                1st album
broken system, bring chaos

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      2nd album
death of the sun

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